Lookalike Iggle and Upsy and we also have their friend tomliboo lookalike availableWelcome
Welcome to Mascots of Maylandsea website!
Here you can learn all the latest news, view photos and keep in touch.
Do you have a special event coming up? Such a child's birthday party, then this is the place to be!
Why not invite your child's favourite character to his/her party and make it a truly joyous and memorable experience.

We provide top quality mascots that lookalike childrens favourite characters.We are now hiring manned or unmanned lookalikes Peppa pig and George,Mickey and Minnie mouse,Super Mario,Sonic the hedgehog,Fireman Sam,Hello Kitty,Daniel Star,Iggle Piggle Upsy Daisy and tomliboo,Winnie the Pooh,Tigger,Ben 10 and many more being added soon.
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